Learn french and stay in Lyon ?


Many foreigners come here to learn french at Lyon Bleu International or at the Institut des Langues et de Culture Française.   
Where ever they come from, hosts appreciate the high quality teaching they find in both schools.  It is amazing to see how quickly they improve their french!
We also noticed that they enjoy life in Lyon. As, our apartments are situated in the Old Town where it is easy to meet people to have a drink.

Lyon by night

This enthusiasm about furnished flat comes from different reasons. The reading of the reviews posted on different sites shows that people enjoy very much the time and the attention given throughout their stay.

As Members of an International Association, we enjoy meeting and welcoming the foreigners’ expectations from all over the world.



Each welcome rhymes with meeting. A nice stay in a foreign country depends on the welcome we can have at arrival.
As we like our town, we feel like its ambassador. We enjoy spending time to explain everything: history, touristic visits, cultural life, french specialities, shops , transportations and so on.  At times, we give a hand to help plan a trip in France or abroad, to print a train or an opera ticket…..


Learn french and stay in Lyon

Therefore, the secret of welcoming do not only reside in information. Hosts enjoy being linked with french people. A young student will appreciate to meet people of the same age who shares the same passion.  A older person won’t have the same wish or requirement.


At times, we had dinner or a drink in our apartment and it always was a highlight.


Feel at home and study french in Lyon

It is difficult to share all the wonderful encounters we had.

Here are few figures we keep preciously in our memory.
A Japanese woman who enjoyed so much the french way of life which is very different from the perpetual rush and pressure she has in her high responsibility job.
Two Dutch men in love with french culture who came several times in Lyon to learn the french habits and customs.
A young Canadian student, bulimic of meetings and french language.
An American pastry chef, curious about french cooking, with the wish of settling in France.





Feel at home and study french in Lyon.

It is impossible to tell all those nice memories we had.
One of our host confided in me, at the end of his language study vacation: « The welcome I had, has been the key of my stay in Lyon because I felt like if I was at home and I met new people thanks to your advices”.